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Gary Johnson: Can five percent of the vote change the world?

Yes, it can! Photo: Associated Press
Friday, November 2, 2012 - Politics from the Blue Collar by Mike Shortridge

WASHINGTON, D.C., November 2, 2012 — Are you familiar with that little box on your tax return that asks, “Do you want $3 of your federal tax to go to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund?”

Two term former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson certainly is. Governor Johnson and his supporters are hard at work to get one in twenty to vote for him this presidential election.

Five percent of the popular vote means a great deal to a third party candidate.

It removes nearly all the roadblocks in getting ballot access in all 50 states, which is an extremely difficult, costly and time consuming endeavor. He is on the ballot in 49 states this election, the exception being Oklahoma. Oklahoma has the most restrictive ballot access laws in the country, effectively making it impossible for a third party to be on the ballot. That 5 percent would get him on that ballot as well next election.

Receiving 5 percent also admits the candidate into the federally funded club. That $3 can, and has, added up to hundreds of millions of dollars. If you make it into the 5 percent club, you are now eligible to receive your share of those funds.

Governor Johnson believes that with ballot access and a vastly improved budget, he can have his voice heard by all American voters. What he has to say makes a great deal of sense. Enough so that many lifelong Republicans have changed parties. With his message being heard, polling at 15 percent should be a lock, which gets him on the national stage for both the mainstream media, as well as inclusion in the presidential debates.

If he gets into the debates, he is betting he will be the next President of the United States.

I believe him.

Governor Johnson has raised about $1 million for this election campaign. Despite having only about one tenth of one percent of what Obama and Romney have each collected, he has managed to raise a lot more heads per dollar than they have.

Many voters are tired of the false promises, the flip-flopping on issues and the massive amounts of money received behind closed doors by the democrats and republicans. They are tired of being bankrupt, they are tired of the illegal wars and erosion of the Constitution. They are tired of the big business owned duopoly. They are tired of being ruled instead of served.

Governor Johnson recently suggested forcing presidential candidates to wear NASCAR like suits with all their sponsor patches so you can see who you are really voting for.

Governor Johnson has an outstanding track record in the business world. He took his one man handyman business, and turned it into the largest construction company in New Mexico. He was successful because he showed up when he said he would, made a point of doing more than he needed to do, and finished on time and on budget.

His political resume is just as impressive.

He was elected governor with no prior political experience. He approached the Republican party in New Mexico and inquired about running for governor. They were very receptive, basically having a “the more the merrier” type of attitude. He was told that it did not really matter, as a Republican had no chance whatsoever of winning in a two-to-one Democrat heavy state, even if he did get the nomination.

On a platform of common sense, government transparency (not the Obama brand) and being responsible with tax dollars, not only was he elected, he was reelected by a much larger margin for his second term.

He has shown himself to be an outstanding steward of tax dollars. He vetoed hundreds of bills while governor, cutting spending so much that he left the state with a billion-dollar surplus when he left office. Yet somehow, despite being a penny-pincher, he left office with his state having improved infrastructure, better schools, and more efficient, less costly healthcare.

So why is this candidate, with more executive experience than the other two put together, a track record that puts them both to shame, and the ability to build rather than dismantle a successful business not leading the polls?

Because every time I ask somebody what they think of Governor Gary Johnson , the response is “Gary who?”

We made history four years ago hoping for change, and we got change in spades: war, less freedom, bankruptcy. I believe we have had enough of that brand of change.

Let us make history again by breaking the two party stranglehold we have all suffered under for far too long.

Live Free

To see how the last presidential debate might have gone if Gary Johnson had been invited, enjoy this video:

Communities will be hosting an interactive chat with readers while streaming the Third Party Candidate Debate between Libretarian Gary Johnson and Green Party Candidate Jill Stein this Monday evening. Check back with the Communities on Monday for banner link to the Communities live chat of the Third Party Candidate Debate with Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. 



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Mike Shortridge

Mike is a former Marine who served in the Middle East. He is disgusted with both the Republican and Democratic parties, seeing them as two heads of the same beast. He writes from the conservative perspective, with a focus on making complex subjects easy to understand.


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