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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos donates $2.5 million to promote gay marriage

Jeff Bezos donates big bucks for same sex marriage. Unlike Chick-fil-A, all you here are crickets. Photo: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (AP)
Saturday, July 28, 2012 - Middle Class Guy by Peter Bella

CHICAGO, July 29, 2012 — Where are all the social media lynch mobs? Where are the storm and the fury? Where are all the shouters and scribblers? Why aren’t computer screens blowing up all over America? Where are the professional protesters with their homemade signs? 

Why don’t the exploding heads demand that other heads roll? 

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos donated $2.5 million to the campaign defending Washington State’s same-sex marriage law. The law is under attack by groups in favor of traditional marriage. $2.5 million dollars is a lot of kachingos. Bezos says that he and his wife are in favor of same sex marriage. 

Why no calls for boycotts and book burnings? Where are all right wing politicians asserting that Amazon will be banned from selling products in their cities and states? Even the tinfoil hat, so-called family and social values conservatives, are silent. 

Bill Gates of Microsoft gave a nice chunk of change too. No one is demanding that Microsoft products be banned or boycotted. Starbucks chipped in some dough. There are no social media lynch mobs trying to shutter their stores. Nike tossed some change into the pot. Same thing, no demands to boycott the “Swoosh”. 

Why isn’t there a major magnitude seismic hue and cry over this? 

It’s same-sex marriage folks. Homosexuals marrying homosexuals, for goodness sake. What’s wrong with all you people? Where are the prejudiced partisans, biased bigots, and right-wing homophobes out to punish Bezos for exercising his speech rights? Where are the false accusations to smear Amazon for discriminating against heterosexuals? 

Here is your grand chance to get revenge on the bigotry of the progressives who attacked Chick-fil-A and its CEO for the same reasons, donating money to causes they believe in and speaking openly about their beliefs. 

C’mon you violent, bomb throwing, right-wing tea party nuts. Why don’t you start throwing some verbal Molotov cocktails? Where are all the family values, Koolaid drinking, traditional-marriage loving, bible thumping, pistol packing conservatives when we need them? 

Why aren’t you on the front lines, Facebook, and Twitter, with your symbolic buckets of tar, bags of feathers, and hangman’s nooses? 

Why? Because mainstream conservatives do not behave like that. They are relatively sane. They believe in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and the rest of that document. They believe people should be allowed to express their views, donate money to anyone they want and still own and operate successful, even wildly successful businesses. 

That is the American way. They also know something the progressive professional protesters and boycotters don’t. The majority of boycotts are a waste of time. They are economic failures, as vast majorities of people rarely participate. They are only a public relations nightmare. That is because companies hire cowards instead of talent in their PR departments. 

There are a few right wing zealots living in basements or attics who may be totally outraged. There are some marginal groups who rake in big bucks so their directors can have nice clothes and haircuts for television appearances. They are the loud minority no one listens or pays attention to except the media. 

On the other hand, progressives believe people should be publicly humiliated and bankrupted for openly expressing beliefs or donating money to the wrong causes. Progressives believe in the false concepts of social and moral justice. Those non-existent ideologies must prevail over and above everything, including the United States Constitution. 

Progressives all think alike. That means none of them are thinking. 

Whether it is Chick-fil-A or Koch Industries, progressives and liberals do not believe people or companies have the right to any viewpoint but theirs. If they stray from the progressive plantation they are to be severely punished and put out of business. Good luck with that. 

Mainstream conservatives have better things to do like making sure that Koch, Amazon, and Chick-fil-A can keep being successful and that other businesses can follow in their wake. 

Chick-fil-A’s CEO, Dan Cathy, and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos should be lauded for putting their money where their beliefs are. They should be praised for publicly standing up for their beliefs. 

We should celebrate people like Bezos and Cathy, no matter if their views are different than ours, people who are willing to take a stand openly, honestly, and honorably. 

Everyone has the same exact rights to express their point of view, no matter how unrealistic, objectionable, tasteless, or laughable it is. That is what makes America exceptional. 

The problem is progressives believe that only they, and they alone, have rights. Their views are the only views. They firmly believe the First Amendment exists just for them. All others must be silenced, punished, and publicly condemned. 

When you expose this putrid hypocrisy, they try to talk about value systems, social conscience and compacts, the new civil rights issues of our time, and all kinds of jabberwocky. 

Arguing with progressives is like arguing with idiots and drunks. It is a waste of time and effort. Better to ignore them. That is also a guaranteed right. 

So buy more books, eat more chicken; buy more software, paper towels, Stain-Master carpets, coffee, and stuff with the Swoosh. Be a real American. 

Ignore the babbling boycotters, professional protesters, and maniac mudslingers. They are very loud, small-minded, irrelevant people. 

Peter V. Bella is a retired Chicago Police Officer, freelance journalist and photojournalist, cook, and raconteur.  He likes to be the irreverent sharp stick that pokes, prods, and annoys.  His opinions are his and his alone. Mr. Bella is a member of the National Press Photographers Association and the Society for Professional Journalists. 




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Peter Bella

Peter Bella is a retired Chicago Police Officer, freelance photographer, freelance writer, budding videographer, and passionate cook.  He aims to be the sharp stick that pokes and annoys.  The Middle Class Guy is a political column written from a center-right point of view.  While concentrating mainly on politics he will stray into culture, entertainment, sports, cooking, and humor from time to time, along with Memories of things Pabst.  All from a middle class perspective.

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